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Fat Life Now

In my life before this change, you would have found me binge watching Netflix, drinking way too many sodas and being an observer of life zooming past me.  Now I do have a job, but my career went from being on the front lines in veterinary medicine to to sitting at a desk working from home.  Love the new avenue my career path has taken, but the change of not being on my feet 14hrs a day has taken a toll.  


Starting the Journey

This site is all about documenting my steps and progress whether good or bad.  I will be doing at least a weekly blog, recipes and I will probably expand to more information as I progress.  I'm an avid researcher of all things, so I'll share what I find along the way.


Goals for this trip

Of course the number one goal is to be more healthy.  That is going to involve changing my eating lifestyle from SEE-food diet to living a Keto Life.  Helping myself on a physical level.  This is going to include a different body type, but also stronger muscles so that my knees and back aren't hurting everyday.  So exercise/being active is on the menu.  Mentally, I know this is a big part of all of this and when I get there I'll be talking to someone.   Of course weight-loss, by doing all the above, that should be a result.  

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